Wednesday, July 29, 2009

For One More Day

By Mitch Albom

I listened to this book all day today while I was running errands and cleaning house and I really liked it. I have never read Mitch Albom and to be honest I went into it with pretty low expectations.

Have you ever heard a drug addict explain their addiction. They spend their whole lives chasing that first high. I relate with a legal, much more healthy way. I love reading - but I feel like I am always chasing that readers "high." You know the excitement you get from reading good literature. A really really good book. Lately, I find myself totally underwhelmed.

Okay, so basically what I am trying to say is that I went into this book expecting it to be another typical story and found myself really loving it.

First off, any mother will like this. It is a great tribute to motherhood and the roles mothers have in our lives. But even more importantly for me it was a great reminder of priorities and perspective.
I am excited to explore more of his books!