Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Christmas Sweater

I must admit, I love a good and even a bad Christmas story. I totally enjoyed this one, "The Christmas Sweater" by Glenn Beck. It's a quick read, so if you have a few extra moments sit down and enjoy.
Based on events that happened in Glenn Becks life, it tells of boy named Eddie, who expects a bike that he thinks he deserve but instead receives a home made sweater. This starts a series of events in which he learns some truths about life. We become who we are based on events that happen in our lives, but we don't have to remain that person. In order to not remain in stagnation, in order to be the best person we can be, we must face the demons of our pasts & be prepared to face the demons that will come our way in the future(the storm in the story). Forgiveness and redemption are underlying themes. In the book, this takes place over a years time, but in real life it took Glenn a lifetime to learn this.
At the end in the post-log he makes an important statement that defines or wraps up the Christmas to Easter concept. "Without his death, the birth would have been meaningless." (p. 271) Something to think about.

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Newest Member

Hi! My name is Beverly, and I'm excited to be a part of Andrea's blog.  I love to read (when I can find the time)- and am always looking for new good books to read. I'm the mom of 6, and I've known Andrea for a long time. She was one of my favorite babysitters when we lived in Illinois, and she watched my two oldest when they were between the ages of newborn-4 yrs. old (they are now 14 & 12).  I'm currently PTA pres., and a radKIDS instructor, so finding time to read is difficult for me. I love 'get aways' with my husband for that reason, because then I can read, read, read - it drives my husband CRAZY! A few of my favorite books are The Book Thief, The Red Tent, and The Year of Magical Thinking.  I am currently reading Identical Strangers - which I am finding very interesting because my two youngest girls are identical twins.  It is the story of two women (identical twins) who were secretly separated at their adoptions, for a nature vs. nurture 'study', and find each other at age 35. Extremely interesting. I look forward to finding some great book recommendations here. Thanks, Andrea, for letting me be a part!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

This picture looks creepy. The movie is much better!

I just watched part 1 of the Masterpiece Theater adaptation of Jane Eyre and it was so so good. I loved the book and I was sure that any movie would fall so short and leave me disappointed BUT this so far has been amazing. I love it. I rented it from Netflix so - I am waiting for disk 2 to come! I can get the whole miniseries on Amazon for 15 dollars...Preston - my birthday is in March!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The History of Love

The History Of Love
by Nicole Krauss

Thank you Lynsey for lending me your book, " The History of Love." This book was beautifully written with real characters that made you laugh and think and cry and hope and when the whole thing was through you want to start it over again. Sometimes you are in the mood for a light book, one that makes you laugh and one that requires as little thinking as possible...this is not that does make you laugh - at times I was laughing out loud and Preston was looking at me - but it's a book that forces you to think and to feel...two of my favorite ingredients in a book.

Praise for The History of Love

"Ingenious." - New York Times

"At least as heartbreaking as it is hilarious." - Washington Post

A significant novel, genuinely one of the year's best. -- New York

Brilliant. An achievement of extraordinary depth and beauty. -- Newsday

Confirms the depth and breadth of her talent. -- Vogue

Wonderful and haunting....Deftly layered …with deceptively nimble humor and unsentimental tenderness. -- Miami Herald

Next up Edgar Sawtelle...have you guys started yet?