Tuesday, October 9, 2007

the kite runner

this book was amazing & hard to get through. it is about a young boy growing up in afghanistan before the rule of the taliban entered the country & then what happens to him & his family afterward. i honestly wasn't excited about it when i read the back & what it was about but i'm so glad that i read it. it didn't end how i wanted it to but it ended how it should & made a deep impact on me. it has some very difficult parts to read through that are sometimes graphic but overall, the way the author writes is awesome. he's come out with a new book that i hear is really good too & want to get it. hey is it okay if i invite a couple of people to this blog? i was thinking of my sister lauren & old roomie lindsay. ahhh! then there will be three of us! attack of the lindsays. ok back to the book. this is another one ben & i read together & we both loved it. i literally cried during one part and if you know me at all, i don't cry too often. in fact, the only time i usually cry is during books because i get so into them that they practically become reality. so read it!

***also becoming a movie i might add. i love it when that happens because i like to see what other people imagine, even though the movies are never better than the book. here's a preview!


Andrea said...

YES!!! Invite as many people as you want. The more the merrier. I am going to reserve your books online today at the public library! I am so excited!

Laura Isobel Blackman said...

Lynsey what did you think about the absence of the role of women throughout the novel?