Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Life of Pi

Wow. Where to begin. Well I must say that I finished the book last night close to midnight and I think I will begin it again tonight. In all my days of reading I have never needed reread a book so soon after finishing. I don't want to spoil it...but I wish everyone would hurry and read the book so we can discuss because I have so many things I want to ask and talk about.
Praise for Life of Pi
'It is a story so magical, so playful, so harrowing and astonishing that it will make you believe imagination might be the first step (to believing in God). . . Every page offers something of tension, humanity, surprise, or even ecstasy.'
Glyn Brown, The Times

I am anxious to begin this book again, seeing it with new eyes now- I can't wait to have a good discussion on this one!


Sky's Advice said...
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Sky's Advice said...

i was just wondering if i could join your bookclub :D