Sunday, January 20, 2008

OK I know this is a book club blog not a movie blog but since I am SUCH an Austin fan I had to comment on tonight's showing of Northanger Abbey. Loved it! I do wish it was longer, 90 minutes barely does the book justice, but aside from my complaints that it was too short I have nothing but praise for the adaptation of the book to the screen. I loved that they didn't try to make it fit in our modern world but stayed true to the world Jane lived in when she wrote the book at the age of 23.
Thanks PBS. I think I may for the first time actually make a pledge next time they do one of those annoying "Support Public Television" marathons. All these Austin movies are making me want to revisit her books.

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Andrea said...

I didn't know PBS was showing Jane Austin movies every week! I'm so glad I found out before they are all over! So, how does your book club work? I have read quite a few of the books you have listed and I love to read, so it might be fun to join. My mom is has a book club in Mesa and loves it.