Sunday, February 3, 2008

Miss Austin Regrets

Don't forget in all the SUPERBOWL hype that tonight is JANE night. Premiering tonight is, Miss Austin Regrets, based on the life and letters of Jane Austen, Miss Austen Regrets tells the story of the novelist's final years, examining why, despite setting the standard for romantic fiction, she died having never married or met her own Mr. Darcy. I'm excited to see it...It has to be better than last weeks flop!


Anonymous said...

I love this layout! Where did you get it?

Andrea said...

I actually designed it. You can make your own layout...I'll post the link for instructions in the sidebar!

Tierra Lynne said...

Well to start off you don't know me and I've never done the whole talk to people you don't know but my name is Tierra and I live in the eastern tip of Tennessee.

I'm a member of the church and I love to blog! Sadly no one in this part of the states in the church blogs!!

I love to search through other blogs and I stumbled onto your book club! I was so thrilled because A} I love to read; I know exactly how you feel when you say you can stay up till 6 in the morning! And when I find a book I cant let go after I've finished, I'll talk about it to anyone who will listen-AKA my poor best friend Jen.

B} When I saw your review on the PBS Jane Austen series, My heart just sang! I thought no one probably watches PBS but me!
Sad to say I missed the Jane Austen Regrets so I hope you post a review on how it went. The Persuasion was my favorite!

Well, I would like to be a part of your book club if that’s ok. But if not I'll understand, I’m sure this must seem weird coming from a total stranger but you have a wonderful blog and I loved your reviews on the Twilight saga. I seriously think my life is on pause till August when Breaking Dawn comes out! Even though I've read all 3 books{I read them all within 5 days} there still taking up my time, I always go back to them!

Here's the address to my blog if you want to check out that I'm not some weirdo though I am a Bookworm LOL

benseyleb (really just lynsey is typing) said...

welcome to the family tierra lynne!