Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I read Ender's Game and really enjoyed it, so I thought I would give another one of Orson Scott Card's books a chance. And I loved it! I actually liked it better than Ender's Game (gasp!). I must say that this man has many sides. He goes from fighting space aliens to fairy tale land. We are talking a sleeping princess, and evil witch, magic spells- the whole nine yards. No sc-fi at all, but a good love story with a modern day twist. I had a hard time putting it down!


Lauren Horsley said...

That is one that has always been on my "someday" reading list - I'm so glad to hear a good recommendation for it. He has to be one of my favorite writers. The entire Ender series is great, as well as the Bean series. But the next one I would recommend you read is "Pastwatch". It's a fascinating story about some kids who go back in time to try and stop Christopher Columbus.
A tiny warning about this author: I didn't really enjoy the Alvin Maker books (supposedly a sci-fi version of the Joseph Smith story) quite as much - I found it boring. And the Earthfall series just felt a little too much like plaigarism for my taste (very directly based on the Nephi story in the Book Of Mormon).

Andrea said...

I'm excited to read it...I do love a good fairy tale!

Menghinifamily said...

The reason I think I liked it better than Ender's game was that in ender's game, he goes into such detail about the strategy of the games and their formations. I had no context for it so it didn't really make much sense and I found myself skimming a little through those parts.