Friday, April 4, 2008

A Great and Terrible Beauty

Okay...well, what to say. The book has a strong start that kind of sucks you in right away with a girl witnessing the murder of her mom and this mysterious magic power. I'm thinking it will be kind of a Harry Potter- a magic girl being sent off to a boarding type school in England. But it turns in to Harry Potter meets 'Lord of the Flies' and 'the Exorcist'. The book is clean as far as language, but has some serious creepy and disturbed undertones. I must note that I listened to this on CD and the lady did REALLY creepy voices for the bad character. Maybe it's not so bad reading it yourself.

And it's slightly annoying because there is a love story but it doesn't have a very statisfy ending. I know its because it's a trilogy, but still...and I have a question in the comments for those who have read the book.

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Menghinifamily said...

HOW IN THE HECK CAN SHE BE FRIENDS WITH FELICITY STILL! Hello! The girl stripped down and murdered a deer! And then they are all hugs and kisses! Is it not obvious that felicity is the next sarah? I never really got the feeling like they were really friends- more that they were all just using each other. Did anyone else feel that way?