Monday, April 21, 2008

The "Must Read" List

For the last 6 months I have been working on reading all the books in Stephenie Meyer's MUST READ can check out the list here.
So far I've loved everyone of the books I've read on her list...she has good taste in books as well as vampires.


Lauren Horsley said...

Thanks so much for sharing this Andrea - I love peoples' "must read" lists. And Wow! That's a pretty impressive list - not at all what I would've expected from her. I'm pleased to say I've got 9 of them already under my belt and I ordered two more today cuz they looked so good! Did you notice that "Speaker For the Dead" by Orson Scott Card is the sequel to "Ender's Game" (reviewed twice here in our little book club)? It's an excellent, excellent book, as are the last two in the series - "Xenocide" and "Children of the Mind". But be sure to read "Ender's Game" first so that you're totally in love with the characters. Otherwise, "Speaker for the dead" can be a rough go.

Andrea said...

Lauren- Did you like the other books in the Ender series as much as Ender's Game?