Monday, May 5, 2008

The Case Against My Brother

by: Libby Sternberg

How cool that Amanda picked the young adult books as our May challenge. I just finished this book and it was good. I was a little skeptical about reading it at first, the title didn't jump out at me but I really enjoyed it! It's a historical novel as well as a good mystery! It is the story of two brothers who are orphaned and sent to live with their uncle in Oregon. The story's told through Carl, a 14 year old boy who idolizes his older brother Adam. Since their mother died, Adam has always promised Carl that he will take care of him. Then Adam is accused of a jewelry theft and Carl sets out to clear his brothers name..insistent on his innocence. In his search he learns first hand about bigotry and the hateful nature of people. He learns to trust himself and his instincts as he realizes that his brother isn't as perfect as he always thought. In the end, Carl has to grow up and learn to accept people the way they are...a realization that tests his faith and trust in his older brother, who maybe isn't who he thought.

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Andrea said...

This one looks great too! I love your reviews.