Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New to the book club

First since I am new to the book club let me do a brief introduction. I am a high school library aide. I read a lot, but a lot of what I read is what the kids at school read or should read. It is important that I can make recommendations. Most of the books that everyone posted I have either read or am familiar with because the students read them. I must admit that although I read and enjoyed "Twilight" I did not become an avid fan. I got part way through "New Moon" and realized I didn't have time for it. I know enough about it to participate in the discussions about it at school. Just for the record it was our most read/reserved series this last year at school. I enjoy reading a lot of historical fiction, such as "These is my words" "Hattie Blue Sky" and others along that line. A few others that I have recently read that were enjoyable were, "The boy in the striped pajamas", written on a middle/junior high level but deals with more adult asubject, the holocaust. As my sister wrote good but a bit disturbing. "Al Capone does my shirts" Having visited Alcatraz I was familiar with most of the descriptions of the place, but the more fascinating part was the relationship Moose had with his autistic sister. "A long way gone, memoirs of a boy soldier" enlightening, informative, the story of a young man in Sierra Leone, Africa who after the destruction of his home town and death of his family is forced to become a boy soldier. What he experience is almost unbelievable. I am much more appreciative of where I live and freedoms I have. "The pilot's wife" an Oprah book club book. Although a bit predictable it was enjoyable to read. How well do you really know your husband? "Hattie Blue Sky" a young woman's adventures as a homesteader in Montana. Sorry this posting is so long but I have a lot to catch up on


Andrea said...

Glad to have you! Thanks for all the books...I'll add those to my list next time I got to the library!

bensey said...

yeehaw, beez is in the house! glad you joined us, i love your recommendations. :)