Sunday, August 3, 2008

Warning: Contains Spoilers!!!
Ok, Amanda pretty much summed it up. I loved the Twilight Series and this book( though I don't know it it deserves that nice of a title...more like this trash) was terrible. It left a bad taste in my mouth. Kinda like drinking warm donated blood through a straw, oh wait Bella did that in this book. Here is a list of the disasters that I can't get over

1. Bella, I faint at the smell of blood, Swan starts drinking blood by the cupful? Are you kidding me. And she used a straw... please! If your gonna drink blood, gulp it don't don't savor it slowly with a straw.
2. Edward's personality becomes as hard and cold as his stone body. He isn't there. Stephenie...where have you hidden Edward? We miss him!
3. Bella and actually all the characters lose their personality. The go from these awesome 3 dimensional characters that we fell in love with to these boring personality-less shadows.
4. Nessie or Renessmee...worst name in the history of literature. But she could have named the stupid half vampire Andrea and I would have still hated the book!
5. Jazz gets the award for the worst nickname ever!
6. Bella's pregnancy went from something that could have been so special between she and Edward, I can just see Edward getting excited and buying his daughter her first car before she's born, to a big disgusting mess. When the baby started clawing it's way out...that's when I knew Stephenie Meyer was being possessed by some sort of alien body snatcher. You would have to be alien to write that kind of junk!

I had a bigger list...anyone who's read the stupid book has to have a list a mile long but I just can't go's making me too depressed. What a sad sad day August 2nd was. It will be a black day in literary history!


S & RA Beazer said...

it is times like this that I am glad I wasn't a Twilight Series fan. I never made it through New Moon. I never have enough time to read. I have 8 sitting on my night stand that I checked out from school to read over the summer and I am sure I won't get them done.

Beverly said...

Andrea - love the blog! I've been in a book club for 8 years now, and I desperately look forward to that night out every night! Loved what you said here - so, so, so true! I was a fan until the last book, also! The thing that bothered me the most (besides the points you already made) was that for the first 3 books, Stephanie told us exactly how it would be for Bella if she chose to become a vampire, yet NONE of it happened. She gave NOTHING up - it was no sacrifice. She got her baby, Charlie didn't care one bit - in fact came over all the time, she doesn't have a hard time not killing humans, Jacob practically moves in, Edward & Jacob learn to tolerate each other (even after Jacob imprints on Edwards baby - yeah RIGHT!) - like the first 3 books were all lies! Also, on another note, I am curious how, if when a person becomes a vampire and turns cold, how is it that the men's reproductive organs continue to function/ live? They don't eat, sleep, bleed, etc., but the sperm somehow survive? HUH???? (but not in the women - their reproductive organs quit working...) Where did that come from? I was so disappointed I put the Host away without reading it because I was so mad at Stephanie for changing all of her own rules!