Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Secret Diary of Brett Colten

This has to be my favorite book of all time. It is so sad, the only book I have EVER cried at. You will definity have to be prepared to cry but this book puts a whole new outlook on like. I don't know if I would ever get tired of it. The characters are so vivid and it makes them so real that you almost start to believe they are a part of you. And it does have a romantic story line in some ways (:.

The Amazon Review:
Kathy Colton can’t stand her brother, Brett. Her family talks as if he were perfect! All Kathy knows for sure is that Brett is dead. He died of leukemia when he was sixteen and she was only two. But when Kathy turns sixteen, she discovers her brother’s hidden journal – a journal written especially for her - and learns about the brother she never knew. At the same time, Kathy is mortified by an assignment to tutor the popular high school quarterback Jason West, a football jock who, even worse, is a Mormon. Author Kay Lynn Mangum brilliantly weaves the dual stories of a dying brother and a coming-of-age sister who learn the importance of loving our family and our friends and nurturing our faith.

For all of you who want to read this book I have a copy of it. Just ask me. A must read!


Crazy Mommy said...

I really liked this book too - it's one I like to reread when nothing else sounds interesting. Did you know there's a sequel of sorts? It's called When the Bough Breaks. It's been a while since I read it, but I think I really liked it. I was just searching for my copy, but I must have lent it to someone and haven't received it back yet. I hate it when that happens - I need to set up a check-out system for my books - hehe. Anyway, if you loved the The Secret Journal, I think you'd enjoy When the Bough Breaks. Now I'm going to go track it down so I can read it again.

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Bonnie B. said...

I loved this book, too. In fact, I found it downstairs in my pile of packed-up books. I put it in my pile of books to read. Did I borrow it from you, Crazy Mom? Maybe I have your copy! Oops!