Monday, October 8, 2007

The Glass Lake

The Glass Lake by Maeve Binchy

This book was a joy. I think I loved it the most because Maeve Binchy is an expert at character development. When I finished reading I felt like I had know these people and lived in their town my whole life.
The book is set in a small town, Lough Glass, in Ireland. The story is filled with moral lessons without preaching. You can draw your own conclusions. The book is fairly clean in exception to one very naughty word used on page 468( just skip that's not too important).
I plan on reading this book again. Maeve Binchy is such a talented storyteller and I hope to read many more of her books!

Book Synopsis
Night after night the beautiful woman walked beside the serene waters of Lough Glass. Until the day she disappeared, leaving only a boat drifting upside down on the unfathomable lake that gave the town its name. Ravishing Helen McMahon, the Dubliner with film-star looks and unfulfilled dreams, never belonged in Lough Glass, not the way her genial pharmacist-husband Martin belonged, or their spirited daughter Kit. Suddenly, she is gone and Kit is haunted by the memory of her mother, seen through a window, alone at the kitchen table, tears streaming down her face. Now Kit, too, has secrets: of the night she discovered a letter on Martin’s pillow and burned it, unopened. The night her mother was lost. The night everything changed forever…

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benseyleb (really just lynsey is typing) said...

i loved "tara road" by the same author so i'll have to read this one! i really like her writing style.