Tuesday, October 9, 2007

the lovely bones by alice sebold

ok so i read this book twice. once on my own and then one more time because it was my recommendation for a book club in utah. the second time i read it out loud to ben & wasn't sure what he'd think but he liked it a lot also. it's a strange premise, and the first couple of chapters have some harsh stuff to read through but the author's writing style is really cool.

it's about a teenage girl who is murdered by a neighbor. it is told from the dead girl's point of view while she is up in heaven, looking down. it follows her family's story for about 10 years, what happens to them after her death. it also follows her murderer, and you get to see how he ends up.

i'll also warn you that there is a PG-13 rated 'scene' in it (not the murder scene) that you can just skip over which unfortunately is a really cool part of the book. it's your choice!

all in all, i loved the book & would recommend it.

PS-they are filming the movie right now starring ryan gosling, susan sarandon, rachel weiss & directed by peter jackson (lord of the rings) i'll be there opening night!


Preston said...

Sounds great. Thanks for joining...Kelly is going to join too. I now will have a list of books to read.
PS Don't worry about your group home friends being vampires. Vampires are physically gorgeous and perfect in every way. You'll know a vampire when you see one.

SmileKatieLovesYou said...

I started reading this book at school one day when my friend brought it. I read the first few pages. It was really good. I'm waiting to see if they have it at the public library to get it.