Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Child Called It

I don't have a picture of this book. I would like to review it, though.

I don't know where you begin with this book. It is a horrible tale of a abused child. It really makes you think about what if you were like that. Some of the things him mom doe =s is make him throw up everyday after school to see if he has eaten, "The mirror treatment", shuts him in the bathroom and makes him clean it with a mixture of ammonia and clorox, doesn't feed him, and doesn't consider him a part of the family. It's a trilogy. It is so sad. It is the best child abuse book you can ever read. You definitely HAVE to check it out!



Andrea said...

Hi Katie,
I read all three of those books...they are so sad! Made me give my boys a big hug.

Sky's Advice said...

I love that book!

Menghinifamily said...

This one is so sad you can only read it once. I would for sure recommend reading the other two books because they give a little more hope and you can see how his life turns out.