Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Peace Like a River

Peace Like A River by Leif Enger

Dear Mr. Enger,
I've never written a letter to an author and so this experience is very foreign to me. When I closed your book yesterday I knew with certainty that I would be writing you. Each page in your book brought me to my grandmas warm country home in the Midwest, me curled up on her couch with a homemade quilt in front of the old wood burning fireplace, grandma cooking some Midwestern delicacy in the kitchen, and grandpa hunting squirrel. Your book visited none of those images and yet it was like visiting the most warm, comfortable and familiar places I'd ever been.
SWEDE!!! What can I say about little nine year old Swede. She's what I wish I could be. You created the most real characters and as I write this I am positive that there was a mistake at the library, this isn't a novel it's non-fiction, because I can't imagine a world that Swede, Reuben, and Davy don't live in. Thank you for this book. It's one that will stay with me and that I will think of often. Oh, how I would love to live one day in your mind...what fun you must have just thinking!!!
Sincerely and with Admiration
Andrea Golding
PS. What ever happened to old Valdez!!!

Dear Bookclub Friends,
READ IT! Please!
Thank you,


Lauren said...

I am in the middle of this book and loving it! You're right - the places he creates feel so REAL. Though, I have to say that while I adored Swede as much as you did, I really wonder if there are 9 year olds out there with that level of maturity and gift for writing. She seems a little over-the-top to me as far as believability goes.
Hey - can I join this book club? I would LOVE to participate! My email address is laurenlhorsley@yahoo.com and my blog is horsleyfam.blogspot.com

Lots of love from Utah!

benseyleb (really just lynsey is typing) said...

will be ordering off of amazon today. thanks for the recommendation!

Andrea said...

I agree with your Swede comment...I just kept thinking that maybe children were more mature back in the olden days. Maybe also because she had to kind of step in as the mom of the family maybe she grew up faster. Maybe...or maybe not too realistic.