Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Life Of Pi

I'm so pleased to be the first one to review this book because I love it so much! The intro. (which you should definitely not skip) starts you on a great journey as it states "I will tell you a story that will make you believe in God". And it's true - this book has deepened my understanding of what faith is and why it is so important. It has made me examine my heart as to how I feel about religion in general. And it has broadened my view of who God is and the role he plays in our lives. However, it is not an overly preachy book. In fact, you will want to read it with an open mind if you are to find these deeper meanings. On the surface, it is a fascinating tale about an Indian boy whose family is on a cargo ship that sinks in the middle of the ocean. He is the only human survivor, stranded on a boat with a tiger, an orangutan and a hyena. They remain adrift for over 200 days as he struggles to survive and overcome amazing obstacles. There's a stunning twist at the end which prompts obvious and interesting discussions between readers. I can't wait for you all to read it and let me know what you think!


Andrea said...

Hey- I am half way through the book right now. I am glad you liked it too. I am so excited to finish it, maybe today...then I will have lots of questions for you. Welcome to the book club!

benseyleb (really just lynsey is typing) said...

ok, don't be mad lauren. i am still halfway through the book. i've been reading it very slowly, like a chapter a week. but i am really liking it. as soon as i'm done i will add a comment about how amazing it is, i am sure of it.

Lindsay Jane said...

I read it and loved it. There is so much symbolism in it. I don't want to give anything away, but once I finished it, I had to read it again because the ending changed my entire perspective.