Saturday, January 26, 2008

Twilight the movie

Okay, Okay I know this is a BOOK club and not for movies, but we have to mention that they have cast edward and bella in the twilight movie. I found this clip on youtube that shows a montage of photos on the new edward and bella.

My thoughts are like this..

1) I love bella- I think she is perfect

2) I don't like edward, but there were a few shots of him where I was like "Now that could be edward" so maybe I won't mind him too much. But, lets face it, pretty much anyone they choose was going to a disappointment since he is the best in your imagination.

3) they are still looking for jacob black, so if you know any tall and ridiculously good looking Indian boys, let them know.

4) I have decided how the story should end. If you have not read the books, you might not want to read this: It turns out that just like a vampire bite makes you a vampire, a werewolf bite makes you human. Jacob has to make the big sacrifice and agree to bite edward to make him human so he can save bella, even though he still won't get her. Then edward and bella can grow old together. And then jacob finds some nice girl he's imprinted on and they all live happily ever after. The end.

And I love these books way too much, I think I need therapy.


Andrea said...

Oh Twilight...I love it. I can't wait for the movie. Let's keep our fingers crossed for this fall!

Brittanie said...

I like the way you think!! That would be a great ending! I was sick last week and read all 3 of them again and had come up with an ending myself but I think I like yours better. =) I don't think I will be able to see the movie. Actually, I probably will but I will be SO annoyed the whole time. =)

benseyleb (really just lynsey is typing) said...

i like the ending you came up with too. i looked at the pictures & felt the same way about the actor they picked for edward...then i looked at some others & thought exactly like you did...."well, maybe i could see him as edward." hopefully it all works out! can't wait for the movies.

ps-andrea, you should tell pdge to audition for the part of jacob. i definitely think he could pass for native american. plus if you have him sing "you've lost that lovin feelin" he's got it made!

Menghinifamily said...

I have to think of mr. darcy in pride and prejudice. Every version of that movie, the first time I see mr. darcy it think "ewww, that guy is not handsome." And then, because it is such a good story and they do such a good job that by the end I'm thinking, "He is soooo handsome! How did I ever think he was ugly?!" I'm hoping the same thing will happen with Edward- that the story is so good it will make him handsome.

Tierra Lynne said...

I love your idea of how it will end.

Where did you find out about the whole werewolf bite making you human? Very interesting twist!

Lindsey Dubree said...

After watching 52 seconds of the music montage, it suddenly occurred to me : how did Andrea find this? Andrea, what are you doing with your spare time? haha

I saw the actress who plays Bella in a movie recently ("In the Land of Women"), and she's actually a good actress. I think she will do just fine.

When I read the books, I always imagined Edward to have a faux hawk...sort of a brown haired, less balding version of Jude Law. The dude they picked is a little too European for my taste. However, if Edward speaks with a British accent in the movie, all will be forgiven.

Menghinifamily said...

I agree that the edward is a little too british looking. But I read something that said that he would be good because he can look a little creepy and kind of has that dark circles under the eyes going for him. And he's pale.