Tuesday, March 4, 2008


OK guys it's March; have you all started your non-fiction book? Take it from the Queen of procrastination and start it now! I know that if I wait till the end of the month, immersing myself in addicting novels all along the way that it won't happen, so I am diving right in...
What books are you reading? Any good ideas? I have a few and am picking up some more at my favorite place, THE PUBLIC LIBRARY, this Friday. Good Luck!

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Eyepoke said...

Well I am almost a random stranger but you mentioned non-fiction books and also the Civil War and you can't do better that "The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas" (by Frederick Douglas). Writen by an escaped slave just pre-civil war, its eye opening and inspiring and wrenching- furthermore it is very well written and easy to read and its short. Like 160 pages.

Hope you dont mind me popping in!

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