Monday, June 23, 2008

Candle In The Darkness ~ Lynn Austin

Candle in the Darkness takes place during the Civil War area about a young girl named Caroline who was born into a very wealthy southern family . Even though she always had a good relationship w/ her parents, Her true family and best friends were the servants, the plantation slaves. When Caroline’s mother passes away her father sends her to live w/ her mothers sister and family up north. When her father finally sees fit for her to return home, Caroline is grown up and determined to make people in the south see that slavery is wrong BUT on returning home and into southern society, Caroline meets the dashing Charles. Caroline and Charles really have a sweet love story but they disagree on one thing, slavery. He and his family were not for the abuse and hatred treatment towards slaves But simply saw them as people who helped keep the family business and plantation running. When the war breaks out Charles and Caroline must part before any future for them could take place. Caroline is left alone and must face some extremely difficult times and decisions about keeping her beloved slaves enslaved and the love she has for Charles alive.

Over all being from the south, I found this 1} A nice little history lesson 2} A sweet & strong love story and 3} a little tense. I will give this book a middle rating of 3 ½ simply because I would have loved more moments w/ Charles--I’m a sappy for a love story. I really liked going to a time in our history I’ve never read about and seeing the contrast and questions that arrive from both sides. Which side really was for the better? Can Caroline & Charles find middle ground and begin a life after everything is over and has come out? If you want a sweet enduring love story w/ a history lesson on the side this is one to consider. It's not a fall in love w/ book but really a sweet/tense read.


Now with that said I am a southern girl born and raised in Tennessee. I’ve lived in the same place my whole life and though a lot of people consider Tennessee residence to be pure country-ish, I however am not. True city gal through & through. I come from your typical Mormon family w/ LOTS of cousins so I always say I’ve never known what it’s like to be lonely. My girlfriends would describe me as little miss proper. Always having to match. The simple Basics on me would be the girlie girl ones. Shoes, Purses, Make Up, decorating, Martha Stewart, organizing, shopping etc The deeper ones would be the “die freely” love for my nephew or the intense way I love having long conversations w/ people. Looking at the world with a love for ordinary days or the magic in the days that you want to relive.
I lost my mother in May of last year from a very unexpected event. Through that I’d like to think I’m coming full circle w/ myself and seeing and understanding Heavenly Fathers plan through adult eyes. Moving long and ALWAYS being thankful for the ones you love and the stories in your life to pass by w/ a twinkle and charm that will make you live to keep moving.
I’m always listening to music in my kitchen and I ALWAYS loose my glasses! Right now I’m 22 yrs. Old and yes…I’ll say it, I’m single. Am I bitter---to lie or not to lie--Ok I’ll be honest maybe 35 % bitter LOL But truth be told in this part of the world in the LDS church you don’t have the pick of the litter. So therefore I don’t settle for non-members and find myself on more Friday night dates at home w/ a book or a movie then most. Current obsessions would include 1} A love story about vampire who brought sexy back in 1901--Need I say more? And 2} Jon & Kate plus Eight--Just LOVE that show. 3} The color mandarin orange for the summer in everything and finally 4} a certain Boy I’ve been in love w/ since I was 15 whose coming home for the summer in which he NEEDS to wake up and see his future wife has been right here all along--Any advice On this one I’ll gladly take LOL

2 Random Facts On me-I always have to have my wallet & makeup bag match whatever purse I’m carrying and also I have the most embarrassing story EVER. When friends or groups start retelling their most embarrassing moments, mine always wins hands down. ALWAYS

2 Facts about my hometown- First, my hometown is the Original place where country music was born. And it’s not Nashville. I won’t tell you my hometown but if you ever find yourself wondering “Hummm…I wonder where Country music first started???” My hometown will come up. And two this to me is just lame cause I’m not into it but just in case you have a brother or friend into NASCAR chances are they’ve been to my town because we have the 2nd largest race track in the States.

2 Favorite areas to Read- Historical and Poetry. Reading coming from my mom who would read to me when I was three yrs/ old 8 to 10 books a night and always thought I had an old soul. Always loving anything with time periods. Poetry coming from my aunt who would recite poems to me growing up. Hands down top 2 MOST loved would be St. Crispin’s Day Speech from Shakespeare’s King Henry the 5th
And Edgar Allen Poes Annabelle Lee.

So there you have it, the scoop on me. I am currently reading another historical I’ll be posting and a Biography book I’m reading. Hope everyone is enjoying there summer!

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Andrea said...

Loved your post. I loved getting to know you are so much fun! Enjoy the singlehood while it lasts...once you're married with kids you will find much less time for reading!