Monday, June 23, 2008

The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory

Technically it is 'historical fiction' because the author makes up what the character's say, but I thought I would read it for the historical challenge this month since it was recommended to me. It is by the author who wrote the bestseller "The other Boylen Girl". This book is the story about Princess Catilina of Spain who is sent to England to marry the English prince and become the queen of England. She is such a strong Heroine! I have never read about anyone so strong and faithful and sure of herself. The author switches between telling the story from third person to the princess's own account, which is kind of neat. It makes you realize how good we have it now. Warning: The ending is sad so I can't give this book 5 stars or anything. But, unfortunately, real life is sad so that is the way it goes. I definitely will read others by Philippa Gregory too.

Now enough about the book because I know you have all been dying to know about me! I am married to brad pitt and we have a litter of children and live in a mansion on the beach. But what you probably don't know about me is that I grew up in a suburb of San Diego. I went to BYU and graduated with a degree in education. Met my husband there and was married. I taught first grade for two years while my husband finished up school (it took him longer because he's not as smart as me and he won't ever read this so I can put that). Then we moved to arizona and popped out a couple of kids. Now I read to stay sane while I stay at home with them.
Two Random facts about me are that I absolutely love football more then most guys and TiVo every game and watch it. I also met my husband when we crashed into each other while playing a game of tag. My favorite things include chocolate, a good book, the Office, and scrapbooking. My favorite books are fictions especially those involving vampires or wizards. A random fact about where I grew up is that the band Blink 182 went to my high school. Now a fun piece of trivia about Blink 182: I grew up in Rancho Bernardo, or RB is what we called it and that is what the 182 stands for. R is the 18 letter in the alphabet and B is the second letter. In high school they were 'blink RB' but that was stupid when they went big, so it became blink 182.
That is all there is to know about me. You can send any question/fan mail to my manager and publicist Andrea Golding.


Tierra Lynne said...

Thanks so much for doing the challenge! I actually looked at that book for myself in the bookstore yesterday! Even though you said it has a sad ending, is still worth to read?

And to think, all this time one of my bookclub members is married to Brad Pitt...SWEET! LOL
You sound like someone I would love to sit in chat w/ in the halls at church! Hope you have a great week!

Menghinifamily said...

Ya, I still say it is worth the read. I just feel the need to warn people because the title and cover kind of make you think it is a fairy tale. And it isn't a fairy tale ending.

Andrea said...

This is Amanda Menghini Pitt's publicist and due to the overwhelming amount of fan mail I've received in the last 6 hours...we will no longer be accepting any more letters. Amanda loves her public and thanks you for your interest.
p.s. Chocolate is still being accepted.