Friday, July 11, 2008

Lynsey's List

okay i know i've been the biggest slacker and i'm SORRY to all of my book club buddies! hopefully when i am settled in arizona by my good friend ANDREA i can get back to reading! so here are a couple of things.

1) books i've read this year:

this is sad but true. i've only read
the twilight series
the host
the book of mormon

my reviews are....i love them all!

2) some of my all time favs, or ones i would read again & again:

-beach music (rated R for language, FYI & there apparently is a naughty couple of pages but i read my sister's copy & she ripped it out! so i am still innocent :)
-the princess bride
-ender's game
-the kite runner
-the hiding place
-my sister's keeper
-the street lawyer
-the da vinci code (even amid all the hype, i really loved that the book made me think about historical aspects of jesus & his followers)
to kill a mockingbird (glad you reminded me of that one, andrea!)

i'm sure there are a million others but i can't think of them right now.

one if have been dying to read:
a thousand splendid suns

now everyone else GET GOING on this!! if i can do it, so can YOU!!!

love, lynsey

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