Thursday, July 24, 2008

Running With Angels by Pamela Hansen

On a beautiful April morning in 2001, Pamela Hansen decided to do something she hadn't done for a very long time. She took a walk. That first walk, which lasted just 10 minutes, was the beginning of an amazing journey that ultimately led to a 100-pound weight loss (without surgery or pills) and the fulfillment of her dream to run a marathon-all in just over one year.

In Running with Angels, Pam shares an honest and open portrayal of both her struggles and success with weight loss, using a marathon race as a metaphor for facing life's challenges. She candidly discusses the pain of living life as an obese person and the hopelessness that accompanies it. More importantly, she offers practical suggestions for anyone trying to reach a goal, particularly a goal of weight loss, and shows how small steps over time can help you realize your dreams.

This book is more than a book about overcoming's a book about a woman overcoming heartbreaking trial after heartbreaking trial. Her faith is inspiring! This book was a gift from Lynsey and I loved it. Thanks Lyns!

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bensey said...

for the record, in case anyone else was wondering besides preston....i did NOT send it to you because i thought you are obese! reading about this woman's trials & overcoming them & taking care of herself was inspiring to me. i really hoped you like it!