Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where are you now?
by Mary Higgins Clark

A girl is trying to solve the mystery of her missing brother who disappeared ten years before. When other girls start going missing, the police suspect her missing brother may be the killer and she is trying to prove that he isn't.

My thoughts:

This book was different from her other books. It didn't follow really one character a whole lot. It jumped around a lot to various people. Really good mystery- I didn't guess who the bad guy was so I was surprised. It was a short read and kept me entertained. My only complaint is that there was an overload of characters. I had a hard time keeping them straight and each chapter would skip to another person and I would have to go back to remember who everyone was. By the time I had a handle on it, the book was over.

But a good, clean, and mysterious read.

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SmileKatieLovesYou said...

I just finsihed this book like 4 days ago, it was AMAZING! I loved it. Sad ending though, happy and sad.