Friday, July 11, 2008

Challenge lists

What are some of the books I have read this year:(this is just a few of them)

Boy in the striped pajamas
Reading Lolita in Tehran
Change of heart
The Appeal
Letters to Emily
Al Capone does my shirts
Book of Mormon

Some of my favorite books:
Kite Runner
Harry Potter Series
To Kill Mockingbird
Secret Garden
Gone with the Wind
Most of the Thoene's series

My most favorite is usually the one I just finished.

I am currently reading "Death in the family" and "The book thief" and have 6 others checked out waiting to read plus 5 I have bought that I need to get to. I have too many projects and need to get some things done so I can spend more time reading. Thanks for everyone elses lists that have posted so far. It gives me ideas of whats out there and what I can recommend.

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